MB works fine with Ubuntu 8. Marketed by Dell as a small shop server. July 4th, 5. Am using Compaque presario vt model laptop. Creative Soundblaster 16 ISA.

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The multi and vcore should come back to its maximum when put under load. This USB key is jus a pain in linux, the best is to stay far away from this product or to ask for a replacement if you just bought it.

Something about ubuntu Samsung YP-Q1 pmp Issue: Would be sweet to get sound playback working perfectly. Can anyone recommend a soundcard that they haven’t had ANY trouble with while running Ubuntu? Join Date Jul Beans 6.


Thanks for your attention: Ubuntu i doesn’t nino3d install, x64 does BUT By reporting this, is it possible that in 9. I would say it has to do with your motherboard. I believe it’s Realtek integrated, but I’m not sure. I tried to install ubuntu 7. Out of memeory and no killable processes I tried to follow some tutorials about it but every failed.


Internet connected via ethernet.

Desktop Hardware Incompatibility List. – Page 27

Does not work with safe video mode or vesa video processor in this computer is Intel ICH7 and cannot put a video card in this computer because it is a laptop. Touched it up this morning and works like a charm.

The standard linux kernel that comes with 8. Pics of bios http: FYI, I also tried two other options: Video has never worked out of the box for me in Ubuntu.

Duo 2 Core pc not working optimal speeds? [Archive] – Overclockers Forums

Yes, please take a few pics of the BIOS screens. Me thinks that Ubuntu does not like Plextor CD drives. Asus 3 Hardware Model: Inno3D 3 Hardware Model: Borrowed a Billion modem, this worked, but still not impressed.

I mean you can’t put a 32bit only processor on 64bit OS machine, but besides that it should work. Hi i have just started to get to know linux a bit of a novice really. It loads modules as it needs them. Hey I recently modded my second inno3 with a bigger heatsink and fan. I’ll be interested if anyone has any idea what is wrong in Karmic hardware detection.


Yesterday I spent 3 hours trying to make the sound card work. I think that things can get totally messed up for you, no matter what method you try to backup!

July 17th,