Open the developer pack [J] Tap 2 or 3 times at each location, to make the toner fall into the development section. Do not spill developer on the gears or sponges. Therefore, I recommend installing the new drum unit in the machine right before you put the two halves back together. Install the PCU in the machine.

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Attach the side screw [G]. Lightly tap the top of the PCU [A] with a screwdriver at 8 locations. Release the rear tab [D]. Tighten the top screw [F]. Press the Reset Yellow key 3.

These locations must be at equal intervals. If left in the light for a long period of time it will get damaged. Make sure that all of the holes and tabs on are engaged at [A], [B], and [C]. Then push down to lock the tabs on the front and rear end of the Dms.

Remove the roller assembly [D] Springs x2, Arms x2, Rollers x2 6. Separate the top [E] and bottom [F] of the development unit. See Note in Bold Green above. I will warn you that it will most likely get messy.


Gestetner DSM Toner Cartridges & Supplies

Remove the development roller [H] from the development unit. Set the bottom on the vinyl sheet. The total rotation time is 30 seconds. Remove some toner from the edge of the old blade with your finger, and apply it evenly along the full length of the new blade. Release the front tab [C]. Turn on the main power switch.

To prevent toner leakage, never loosen or remove the screws shown in the illustration below. Remove the front screw [A] x1 5.


Replace the charge roller [E]. Install the PCU in the machine.

Open the developer pack [J] Make sure that the holes for the screws on the front and rear end of the PCU are aligned correctly.

Remove the rear cover [B] x3, Coupling x1. After the machine turns the development gdstetner for 10 seconds, go to the next step. Therefore, I would recommend cleaning off a desk or work area ahead of time, organize your partsthen remove the PCU unit and take it over to the area where you will be working.


Make sure that the head of the stud is put in the correct position.

Assemble the PCU and install it in the machine. Wipe with a dry cloth after cleaning with the cotton. Remove the front cover [A] x2. Follow the cautions below when handling a PCU. Gestftner you get stressed out by looking at the long list of directions below, look at the illustration in the middle of the page. On the number pad enter 1 0 7 4.