At the very least you can help by spreading the word to your favorite newsgroups, mailing lists and forums. See sane-matsushita 5 for details. Also, have a look at the backend information page at http: If your scanner or other device is not connected over the SCSI bus or USB, read the back- end’s manual page for details on how to set it up. So now scanning with scanimage works and you want to use one of the graphical frontends like xsane , xscanimage , or quiteinsane but those frontends don’t detect your scanner? Automatic document feeder capacity in sheets. You can use one to scan sequential pages of different sizes, but the risk of jamming and other mechanical failure is high.

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See sane-teco1 5sane-teco2 5 and sane-teco3 5 for details. If you start writing a backend or frontend or any other part of SANE, please contact the sane-devel mailing list scanpartnwr coordination so the same work isn’t done twice.

See sane-snapscan 5 for details.

Maximum paper size in inches. See sane-sceptre 5 for details. The standardized interface makes it possible to write just one driver for each scanner device instead of one driver for each scanner and application.


Maximum resolution in dots per inch. Articles are the property of their respective owners. See sane-sharp 5 for details. Miles of Pahoa, Hawaii, writes about communications and computers. I agree to this site’s Privacy Policy.

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See sane-hpljm 5 for details. See sane-genesys 5 for details.

Now your scanner is detected by the operating system but not scnapartner SANE? You can do the same with your backend by changing “test” to your backend’s name. For each product you purchase, the Linux Tutorial gets a portion of the proceeds to help keep us going.

You can register for free by clicking here. See sane-magicolor 5 for details.

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Is this information useful? Skip site navigation 1 Skip section navigation 2 Header And Logo. See sane-microtek 5 for details.

Select primary job function. Virtually all workgroup scanners come with a built-in or optional automatic document feeder and specialized software for cropping or redesigning photos or graphics, and optical character recognition software for text editing.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe: Image editing software often comes with filters to apply special effects and scanpartenr you manipulate the colors and tones of images to improve the display. If scanning aborts with an error message, turn on debugging as mentioned above.


Both are made of photosensitive silicon cells and are on the scanning head. Also, have a look at the sane-frontends package including xscanimagexcamscahpartner scanadf and the frontend information page at http: The environment variables are documented in the relevant manual pages.

OCR software bundled with a document scanner turns an image file into an editable text file via its OCR capability. Also some backends aren’t compiled at all if one of their prerequisites are missing. See sane-microtek2 5 for details. If you can’t find wcanner what’s wrong, contact sane-devel. It can take some time, however.

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It should come as no surprise that, given the relatively high prices, there are only a few genuine workgroup scanners available from less than a dozen manufacturers. Purchase one of the products from our new online shop. See sane-sp15c 5 for details.