With the situation not encountered, ie just general advice. In addition, a software controller and the machine PI level for it is rather weak not to mention, and that the PCI-bus bandwidth from pervopney quite low. For example try another distribution Windows. The point is that there were Satan-2 controllers and at an affordable price. It is now standard.

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I test under Windows. The card takes one interrupt possible conflict. Judging from the link above linuxmafia AS analogue Sil What does “analog”? RAID-1, which you are interested in will be slightly slower. RAID5 to create fazttrak not recommended because of the sometimes occurring Controller Promise of instability in this mode, leading to the collapse of the array driver problem.

Re: Replacing a failing FastTrack TX100

Actually, if I worked in the corporate department, the computers for serious people fadttrak not supplied with the chipset RAID-controllers.

Both controller soft karaoke, t. Try everything first without screws. Arabic language Chinese language German language English language French language Indonesian language Japanese language Korean language Portuguese language. What vesch nice In the first stump stood raid remembered clearly from the moment of purchase and running.


Replacing a failing FastTrack TX

Which of these controllers can recommend? Low-cost, efficient, not basking, reliable hard drive. Well-ride implementation of an array using dynamic partitions – it can be arranged on any disk not-ride the txx100. And then in the sale showed almost the same price!

In general, it was the first stump!

In both cases RAID -0 minutes, m. But you can fasgtrak and lossless. Although the embodiment performance is very good. Would hardovy – do not require drivers. Well, I think that the problems of the chipset the mother and the compatibility of the controller will not be.

Rummaged bunch of information mainly on the F-Center All found cheap controllers were on the chips on the SIL, and do not support very necessary for the Web-server thing – striping reading ie, in afsttrak, the ride level 1 in reading “switches.

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I think – well, will install the system on the RAID from scratch – if the system controller goes reboots when trying to boot from the CD. Fasytrak I wrote above. The BIOS climbed only once. At the beginning of the installation of Windows on the F6 floppy disk slips with drivers to ride controller.


It is a cosmetically modified Promise. It has a bunch of controllers satashnyh retest.

Place the card to my friend on trial. Detailed Guides User Guide, see pages downloads where the driver on www sites.

Replacing a failing FastTrack TX100

I bought the controller determines the sitting with screws. Hardovy controllers – it is, for example, from 3Ware, comprise a processor and on board memory, and there are several times more expensive.

Attached LEDs to indicate fasthrak disk access.

This too goes beyond the budget. Now think back to how similar the rake does not occur. Homepage Forum Catalog Hard disks, solid state drives.