Scaling up the medium-res picture and comparing it with the full-res one showed a little less colour noise in the full-res image, but it still wasn’t quite as sharp. Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Nov 5, Mustek DV – digital camera Series Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. It may have been sold in-store. However the picture quality is acceptable and the video quality is really quite good. Small, cheap digital still and video camera. Mine was a random retail sample, and people don’t seem to be complaining to Aus PC Market about fuzzy indoor shots, so maybe mine was a fluke.

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Enter db3000 postcode to find your local Cash Converters store. And the sky’s good, again. Scaling up the medium-res picture and comparing it with the full-res one showed a little less colour noise in the full-res image, but it still wasn’t quite as sharp.

Again evidence of “extra” compression was evident with the camera really struggling to cope with complex changing scenes. The other side of this coin is ddv3000 you can’t hand-hold the camera for low light shots.

Mustek DV3000 digital camera

Remove the decorative plastic and you can often adjust them. For more information on this item please call the store on: The same, but shot with a Samsung DigiMax. Please enter what you see below: Mustek’s page for the DV They fit in your pocket, they rv3000 from two AA batteries and they can shoot video clips as well as stills.


A couple of example Video Clips, which has been processed by VideoStudio, are in the Mustek folder in the software directory. Photo 1 – inside using natural light As you can see mid range detail is quite well captured, but darks are a bit too dark and light dog shaped items are a bit too light and tend to wash out a little.

Mustek DV – digital camera Overview – CNET

When I did my usual indoor test shots with the DV, at ranges of a metre or less, I got hopelessly blurry results. Because this is a classic super-stiff mini camera module lens, you can’t just dig a couple of paper-clip-ends into the plastic housing around the lens and turn it; it really needs to be gripped, and you can’t do that properly without cutting off the surround plastic.

Click the above picture and you’ll get an by version; bandwidth-suckers who want a by one can click here.

The other thing I noticed is that the DV ain’t no three megapixel camera. The grass isn’t really that green, but it looks nicer in the picture than in real life, and there’s detail in it without the colour-noise-storm that spoils many toy-cam pictures. It just doesn’t have the Mustek brand anywhere on it or its packaging.

Nosing in there with some implement or other doesn’t give you fine enough control.


Gadgets by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, What’s in the box? It won’t match a real digital camcorder, but then real digital camcorders are 4 times the price. There’s no focus ring on the DV’s lens, but experienced toy-cam fiddlers won’t be daunted by that.


There is a sample movie Dogs. OK, so that’s the good news. A fixed focus lens with better optical quality could beat them easily. There is a rather nasty on-off button on top, along with the digital zoom control and the shutter button.

You may have no trouble reading small print in the room, but a lot of toy-cams will have a hard time taking a picture. To find out more information about this item or other products and services, please call or email Walthamstow. Small, cheap digital still and video camera. Some buttons do double duty for different modes, but none of the important features clash and have to be broken out into a menu.

Please accept our apologies. There is also a very slight blurring and close examination of the image revealed the tell tale signs of JPEG compression that has been turned up a little too high.

To compare it I took a similar shot with dg3000 Samsung DigiMax. Still it’s a camera so what are the results like?