The document, which serve as the agenda, of a between the national would NCB and the union is cast in tbe form of an agreement, and concen- trates on die issue of. The wisdom of the Cardinal Primate gives us proof of this. They cannot be mutually ex- clusive. The telegram was reported to have been in response to recent disclosures of longsta n ding TJS contingency plans for the deployment of nuclear depth- charges in Canada, Iceland, Bermuda and Puerto Rico in the event of a crisis. The plates dhrtde up the barrel into a number of different zones In each of which the temperature can be controlled by the heating circuits used in conjunction with water Jackets. There is a good deal of support for this view in government, but the voices were somewhat stilled by the alarm which accompanied the fall of sterling below last month. The latter, mean- while, have sought to define the limits or open activity and to encourage their sup- porters battered by three years.

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Easy Driver Pro updates your Driversbased on the scan, and matches to the latest most compatible versions. All these markets are, or will be, considerable. And you will bear forecasts, full of specific recommendations, onlbemost important global markets – the USA, Europe and the Far Hast.

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Rigbys Office Equipment, Romford. The minister said Hungary recently experienced a further per cent worsening of its terms of trade because of a per cent drop m tbeprice of meat exports to the West and a fall of 6 per cent in machinery prices. None is faultless, not even Maria, whose tight propriety drives the teeenage Hermann from her door because of his unsuitable love affair with the older ‘KMrchen. All pension provision will be made harder by adverse demo- graphic trends.


Most of the decline in losses is – attributable to Finsider, whieh is thought to have lost about Ll,bn incom- pared with L2.

Each of the 19 delegations are bolding their own negotiations in different parts of Hong Kong with the aim of signing “con- crete cooperation agreements. Much of the French criticism Has been directed at a West German safety standards law of His denigration of Mr Suzuld’ s record in office has also constituted poor tactics for it has turned his predecessor from passive co-operation to to active conspiracy in pro- moting the causes first of Mr Miyazawa and then Mr Nikaido.

Gas will be pumped ield in the summer, and stored needed.

I do think that the Enterprise Scheme should make this clear in their literature at the beginning: That campaign causes more Irate calls to the LBC London radio phone-in programme about television which I do periodically than any other advertisement.

Labour support has only edged up fractionally since tbe au- tumn in face of strong Alliance gains. West Germany has three of these Convoys -in oper ati on, Tbe 1: Ate s sa n dra’ PSvtoric, piana.

Mr Icahn, who has been accused of planning to liquidate Phillips Pe- troleum if his hostile bid succeeds, went to some lengths -yesterday to placate his critics. Profits for the full year, however. Senior civil scr- vants do talk to people outside their profession on an almost daily basis: Po n a’ dgon.


Mr Tony Darias replaces Mr Philip. The others accepted the risks ahead. Ends Nov 21 Berlin. Corby is England’s first Enterprise Zone, there are factories off the peg, from sqit.

A local silo missile defence will do no good to the military! You provide die American Express Corporate Card to all your employees who incur expenses regularly.


This compares with a profit ofCS Be intends to include items such as catering, refuse collection and vehicle maintenance. AboutKampuchean refer gees have come across tfce Tbhl cdr der during this year’s offensive. The Ministry of Interior said 73 dc were killed daring the action, destroying an entire guerrilla unit.

The Business Technology Centre. Hamburg Knastvereia, Ghcfcoigiess- erwaih More than oil paintings on paper from to by Jo- seph Boys. Currie Business Equipment Birkenhead.

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On the one hand. The farming dossier, now acknowledges Madrid’s feaxu of a flood of food products from the Ten destroying the liveli- hoods of its farmers. The latest Winchester disk store from Shugart, the model