Considering the laptop is equipped with a dedicated GPU in a small space it is understandable that the heat will be an issue for most. The hinge is strong and sturdy and in fact requires two hands to open. First impressions on opening the box were somewhat akin to Homer Simpson, being a combination of euphoric moaning and drool. Included in the design of the notebook are several hot buttons which enable easy hardware management. Additionally my finger tips have occasionally gotten trapped under a key when typing away furiously. The Asus W3j will undoubtedly serve me for 4 years in all manners necessary. These specifications are as follows:

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The Yonah T is a 1.

I have no first hand experience regarding Asus customer support and I hope it remains that way. The elegance is not limited to just the lid. Nevertheless, the W3 manages to pack sufficient connectivity on the left and right sides of the computer to satisfy most users. But still Asus has managed to cram in a b,uetooth variety of ports on either side of the laptop. Even absent such however, it still represents an exceptionally powerful processing unit.


Asus W3J Review (pics, specs)

Given the commercially-competitive nature of our society, the decision to jump for a big-ticket item can be a mind-numbingly painful one. The specifications for this model are as follows:. At times I even felt my old large DS had a higher assu setting than the laptop. The difference you ask?

However I dislike the Intel utility that shipped with the laptop. However the W3J is no fragile beauty.

Vi tar forbehold mot trykkfeil og endringer av priser og spesifikasjoner uten varsel. This becomes slightly annoying when performing functions such as cutting and pasting. There is no flex on the screen or within the chassis itself. Mini tastatur Tastatur Gaming tastatur. Operating System and Software: Norton, I have since replaced, but I find the other software to be useful, although not critical.

Overspenningsvern og grenuttak UPS. There is none or very minimal wobbling with the screen nor are there any loose joints. The system is riddled with bloatware unnecessary programsthat hog system resources no matter how extensive they are.

But it has exceeded my expectations albeit low ones. All of these were appealing options, but a combination of release delays in the case of the MSI and the up-coming inclusion of higher-end GPUs such as the x caused me to postpone my purchase.


Asus W3J laptop Bluetooth device drivers

As I mentioned above it shipped with quite a few additional software. Those who look to have high performance may need to do an extra step after their initial boot up — reformat, or at least extensive clean up.

My principle needs in a computer were portability, graphics-capability, longevity, and quality. Combine this with an absolutely stunning design and portable dimensions and the result is spectacular.

Low volume level Heat vent on right side Expensive. DVD og Blu-Ray spillere. Cinematic Graphics Display CrystalShine.

Asus W3J+ Review (pics, specs)

The touchpad is a pleasant surprise. It also shipped with built Bluetooth that was painless to set up.

I found that it constantly dropped the connection. Additionally my finger tips have occasionally gotten trapped under a key when typing away furiously. Be wary though, upgrading any parts sans the RAM can void this warranty. Relatively short battery life Average speakers Heat vent on right-hand side.