I discovered I had to press quiet firmly on the keys for them to register but this may be a symptom of the newness. The plastic used in construction is of a decent quality with a good finish, especially on the lid which fortunately does not collect fingerprints easily. An external sound card would be recommended for those with higher demands however. Press the left of the bar for a left click, and the right for right click. The buttons are directly below, and consists of what essentially amounts to a rocker switch.

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Bluetooth is provided by Toshiba and also works without incident with my Sony Ericsson Ki. Asus A8F next to Acer Aspire view large image. A knife was my eventual solution in getting the card out though this may because I was using a ProDuo to full-size adaptor.

The Dell had a great battery life for its size and the specification was sufficient for her needs basic office use, internet, messaging, music. The base stays cool, ahdio only the area underneath the hard drive generating any heat at all. Press the left of the bar for a left click, and the akdio for right click. This notebook computer is most comfortable with general computing tasks and flies through them all without a hitch.

Coming from my single core processor, being able to run a virus scan and a8g have a usable system is a great improvement.

The specification on this system is at the low end of the spectrum, but the dual core processor ensures all standard operations are done with acceptable speed and little lag. With an integrated solution, this machine is never going to run the latest games, but certainly suffices for the average user.


Naturally, I pruned these down to a much more respectable 30, with a commit charge of MB. An external sound card would be recommended for those with higher demands however. The card reader works fine, however has a poor design. Similar activities on AC power resulted in the fan spinning at the low setting.

HDTune measures the audo drive performance of a system. The great thing about dual core is the lack of application hanging. I have owned and used many laptops and not encountered one as quiet or as cool as this one.

Asus A8F laptop sound card drivers

The buttons are directly below, and consists aaus what essentially amounts to a rocker switch. I am not entirely sure why having wireless off has so little effect:. Power users and gamers should avoid it, as should those looking for something to carry around constantly. She bought this back in summer without consulting me and hence wound up with a system totally unsuitable for her needs.

A8F | ASUS Global

The AC adaptor is the smallest I have seen, and is very light. The other system I recommended was the Samsung R20 which at less than has excellent specifications and design.

This is most apparent on the lowest notch, which is very dim indeed versus notch 2 which is substantially brighter. Indeed, the aesthetic side of the system was of paramount importance for her, which led me foolishly to recommend the pink Sony Vaio C. My girlfriend was neutral over XP vs Vista, but my own research told me that to get similar performance using Vista requires better specifications and thus higher cost.


A flaw I would like to mention is the opening mechanism for the screen, which involves a tiny, recessed switch that requires a lot of fiddling to actually open the lid. The rpm hard drive is also a big improvement over the rpm I use: On the plus side, the keyboard is very quiet indeed.

Nevertheless, having seen the benefits of undervolting on my own system, I decided to do this on the Asus. Underside of Asus A8F view large image. It is about the size of a small mobile phone, and about twice as thick. As you can see, this a substantial improvement, and given the stability of the undervolts I fail to see why anybody would not do this on their own system.

The A8F has a decent number of ports. I am not sure right handed mouse users will enjoy their location, nor the air vent at the right side. It appears that 3 steps are virtually identical then a large jump to the next step.