It will run a large amount of DOS games without issue and still has commendable speed as well as being super reliable. Work s in Progress! Notice the back side specifically states for use with M board. The SX designated that there is NO math co-processor on board. As you can see from the frontal picture the screen is a rather generous 15 inches and is color unlike the older compact macs like the classic and prior. The products have been widely applied in portable touch devices. You can use a DVD drive as well if you wish.

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Almost all games of this era came on 1. This particular CD has a Cyrix fastmath co processor installed in its expansion slot. The chip on the right is the larger size that you will need if you want kb of cache.

Internet connectivity is also a must since this will allow you stream Youtube, Netflix as well as X; and other online video content. Win Server mustek 3.

ARK Logic Video Drivers Download

There just pins with no plastic guide guard around them so you need to be a little careful. Nike Sq Driver All you need is a keyboard and mouse and a single standard power cable and your set to go.

Fortunately this is incredibly easy and requires removing 5 screws, 2 in the front and 3 in the back. This stick is a kb stick which is the max for this model. It will though in most cases get the job done for games and applications of the era or at least faster than a 16mhz or a CPU.


A P with l2 cache may be a different story although that cache would be soldered on the board so if it failed replacing it may be difficult.

This particular model still has all the retail stickers attached ark2000kt its vast technological features for the time.

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Here we have the back of the unit. I do like the all-in-One concept for space deprived situations but expansion options are pretty limited. This a single slot 8 bit ISA memory card for the Tandy.

At the time the only information I could find was a German wiki page that even after translation yielded little useful information. The only odd feature is the placement of the reset button far off to the upper center area of the case but its only a cosmetic oddity. Installing the wrong module could damage the board. Fortunately this is incredibly easy and requires removing 5 screws, 2 in the front and 3 in the back. One of my issues first off is the fact you cant disable the onboard floppy controller and cant add a controller for high density 1.

This card has a home made composite connection routed through the gap where the cards dip switch is. Evelynn Star Lynn talks about video games, records and books This tower also comes with one of those neat little LED screens that displays the current CPU speed of the computer, handy on an older computer if you have a turbo button hooked up so you can visually see the CPU speed setting.

Here is the rear of the unit. This is a acceptable option but personally I still find pure DOS much simpler and less of a hassle but it really depends on what you want and how much effort your willing to put into it.


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For sound this PC only came equipped with the standard PC internal speaker but the previous owner had a sound card installed which I decided to leave. For the most part Windows 3. The addition of a math coprocessor would speed up the computer when running some programs and math intensive applications.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. As I said at the beginning there really is no pressing practical need for a Windows 3. Since k drives are a little scarce if you install a standard and plentiful 1. Good news is updates are always being worked on and as time passes more games are becoming playable via software updates to the carts available freely via the website. Here I am watching Alien via my laserdisc player on the CD. I simply tossed it aside and assumed it was a low budget no name card.

Ok, now lets take a look at the motherboard. TGA looks to have better color depth and overall color while EGA has a higher resolution and numbers and letters are sharper.