The Spin Cycle segment also returned for a time. For the song by OutKast, see Stankonia. Not to be confused with Expulsion. On October 10, , Impact Wrestling launched its streaming service, the Global Wrestling Network , with Xplosion as one of its programs. The show was revamped at the June 14, , tapings of the th episode of Xplosion , featuring more original matches instead of a highlight show, with Jeremy Borash and Mike Tenay on commentary. List of the largest artificial non-nuclear explosions.

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For other uses, see Explosion disambiguation.

This arc flash hazard is a danger to persons working on energized switchgear. The show was reformatted with families in mind, as it aired on Saturday mornings in the UK. Unless the reaction occurs very rapidly, the thermally expanding gases will be moderately dissipated in the medium, with no large differential in pressure and there will be no explosion. Fragments could be part of a structure such as a magazine.

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Occasionally, wrestlers may have made their debut or return on Xplosion and angles also took place. The speed of the reaction is what distinguishes an explosive reaction from an ordinary combustion reaction. For the Ellie Goulding song, see Explosions song.

A high current electrical fault can create an ‘electrical explosion’ by forming a high energy electrical arc which rapidly vaporizes metal and insulation material. Explosions also occur as a result of impact events and in aie such as hydrothermal explosions also due to volcanic processes. Boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions are one type of mechanical explosion that can occur when a vessel containing a pressurized liquid is ruptured, causing a rapid increase in volume as the liquid evaporates.


As the xplosino burns, there certainly airr the evolution of heat and the formation of gases, but neither is liberated rapidly enough to build up a sudden substantial pressure differential and then cause an explosion.

Xplosion is a professional wrestling television program produced by the Impact Wrestling promotionfeaturing both highlights from the flagship television program of the same name and exclusive taped matches. Solar flares are an example of common explosion on the Sun, and presumably on most other stars as well.

In fact, a substance which burns less rapidly i. The modern meaning developed later: Also, excessive magnetic pressure within an ultra-strong electromagnet can cause a magnetic explosion. This rapid generation of high pressures of the released gas constitutes the explosion. In the former, slow combustion converts more of the internal energy i. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Xplossion and Privacy Policy.

The quantity of heat absorbed or given off during transformation is called the heat of formation. When a chemical compound is formed from its constituents, heat may either be absorbed or released. Many substances not ordinarily classed as explosives may do one, or even two, of these things. Explosions frequently occur during bushfires in eucalyptus forests where the volatile oils in the tree tops suddenly combust.


A material in which the first three factors exist cannot be accepted as an explosive unless the reaction can be made to occur when needed.

The most common artificial explosives are chemical explosives, usually involving a rapid and violent oxidation reaction that produces large amounts of hot gas. On Xplossion 18,the show became a recap show of the previous week’s Impact!

Beginning in DecemberRockstar Spud replaced long term color commentator Mike Tenay, who thereafter stood in for Spud in from time to time when Spud could not make the tapings. February Learn how and when to remove this template xlposion.

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Explosive volcanic eruptions occur when magma rising from below has much-dissolved gas in it; the reduction of pressure as the magma rises causes splosion gas to bubble out of solution, resulting in a rapid increase in volume. Wittenstein Global Wrestling Network. Explosions can also occur outside of Earth in the universe in events such as supernova. Gunpowder was the first explosive to be discovered and put to use.

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The Spin Cycle segment also returned for a time. Nuclear explosion and Effects of nuclear explosions. Journal of the American Chemical Society.