Thanks for the direction,. To do this, go to Thread Tools in the top right and click on “Mark thread as solved” Thank you. July 20th, 7. Stefan, I had this driver installed already but for giggles tried to pair it again and it worked. Sunday, June 10, 9: It should pair only if you do that.

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Don’t touch anything ketboard either keyboard and in about seconds you will see this: The key was to make sure you do not miss any of the steps. I had to go through the removal procedure you outlined in your answer through “Devices and Printers” and then I could pair the keyboard again Wednesday, September 28, 1: On the UI keyboard it was “” then clicking the “Add” button Enter wasn’t wired up to it for some reason.

Tuesday, November 28, 5: Monday, December 14, 8: To do this, go to Thread Tools in the top right and click on “Mark thread as solved” Thank you.


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Hi all, I had the keyboard paired and working yesterday, but today it wouldn’t connect. By providing personal information you also give us your permission to contact you by phone or e-mail for direct marketing purposes.

Monday, November 21, 7: When it prompted you for the password, were you in bluetooth pairing mode? Ich liebe euch, es hat funktioniert! If you get this error you have to change the passcode and try again.

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The content you requested has been removed. Search form Search this site. Scroll down and tap “Devices” in the left panel. Sunday, September 18, 3: Saturday, March 10, It made a connection! Hi Eric, I tried the “” passcode but it didn’t work. Bluetooth keyboard pin entry? I find the keyboard on my laptop barely usable and downright painful to my wrists.

This does not work when using Windows 7 Ultimate. Tuesday, December 4, That is where it was messing me up.

Make bluetooth keyboard discoverable 3. Samsung provides updates for this device on their site, http: Once I clicked the keyboarr button on the tablet I only had 3 seconds to enter the same passcode on my Kensington kk04 and hit enter.


I know it may seem obvious to some but with out clear instructions from either apple or MSFT, how the hec is a user suppose to know to take the next step and enter same code in keyboard and then enter again. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Acme Keyboard Km04 |Driver

Tuesday, March 13, 2: Immediately after, on your wired keyboard that keybowrd have plugged in or OSD keyboard press the same numbersfollowed by the Enter key.

It should then work.

Sunday, September 18, 5: This worked for me, thanks. Thursday, December 13, 3: