Any reliance or use of the information is solely at your own risk, and the authors and Publisher disclaim any and all liability relating thereto. Will use this vendor for all similar needs. Your customer service rates a 10 out of 10 and I will buy from Brass Stacker again. It took me a while to get the scope properly sighted in but once it was properly oriented, it held firm and true. Popularity of the 10mm waned through the s. Made In Windham Weaponry, he. A great feature is the ability of the mount to move the scope up and down to help sight it in.

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Limitation does not affect property More information. Some 50, of the former were purchased by the military and should have a military 10/20 mark.

17603 Indian Head Highway, Suite 200 Accokeek, MD ISBN: Accokeek, MD

I’ll do business with them again…. Simple, and there’s a guy who will be mildly embarrassed by this, but Jerry Barnhart took the techniques we had worked out by the early-to-mid-1 s and started teaching people who could really benefit from them. I have both a G35 Gen 4 and a G23 gen 4.

I especially like the handle I got from you for the bayonet, very practical. I will sing your praises to all I meet. Thanks a lot for the really well thought out product.


Features adjustable brightness and discrete status indicator light.

Thank you guys very much. I will have to invest in one for each model. Wtock bolt for my other Mosin is beautiful…made the switch so now I can put together the scope mount and see how it does.

Richards Microfit Gunstocks

It comes with very detailed instructions on what to do before you place the mount, the tools to tap out the rear sight pins, an allen wrench to tighten the new pins and even a business card.

You could pass on the pouch, but the Recluse OS certainly deserves attention. It is a very capable and serious weapon system that I intend to use to legally hunt deer here in N. He was a crusty, retired U. Very good looking well-made sling. I just want to take a little time and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and for helping my daughter to day I look forward to riichards the tine to meet you when we move back to North Carolina thank you and Tackcriver Bless You Michael.

Both my orders are here as well as the extra screws and washers I requested.

Full text of “Guns & Ammo July “

You can tell it is a quality item and it being made in USA makes it even better. I have asked just about everyone there is to ask about this gun. Brass Stacker is the best place to purchase these Glock items from. While there are no guarantees that a single factory load will perform well in every rifle, there’s a tackdrriver I try to include Federal GMM on every evaluation I do.


This was in the formative years of compensators on pistols.

A personal letter of apprecia- tion for my thoughts would have shown class. I contacted the guys at Brass Stacker…. That they work fine is an understatement.

All this from competition, something the overly tactical and not actually in-touch -types like to denigrate. Wig- ger with a won silver and Pool with a won bronze. The stock’s forend is a couple of inches wide with a flat bottom.

The scope — mount is an outstanding piece of work! Instead, we left MIT with a loss. Once the barrels got past 22 inches, the extreme spread for 10 rounds was almost always in the low 30s, and the standard deviation was in the low teens.

I received the mount today and its great! This was in the mid-’50s and nothing was coming out of China since the Reds were in total control.

Being a craftsman and gun lover I’d love to work for such a business as yours.