I have tried several Yukon drivers but with no luck. Bimmer14 New Member Dec 30, You got the latest Vista driver for the network card installed? It should ping sucessfull everytime pretty much. I called Microsoft – they blame it on the Marvel driver. Core i7 RAM: Nex New Member Jan 1,

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Hi folks I’ve installed Vista Ultimate x64 and am having a networking issue that is driving me mad.

Release Notes Related Drivers Make sure that Windows is installed with the latest Service Packs and updates. The Marvell Yukon chipset is garbage, next motherboard I buy will not have a Marvell Yukon chipset on it. Direct Download External Mirror.

It is not your ISP, it is not your router, it is not your cables.

Marvell Yukon disconnect issues | Vista Forums

Oh and I magvell add that it works fine under xp so not a problem with the hardware. The driver is yk60x An unacceptable one at that. The only glimmer of hope I can offer is that I had a similar kind of porblem with a Marvell on board card under XP 32 bits. You must log in or register to reply here.


If you should encounter any problems with your driver installation package, please re-read yumon instructions above and the documentation supplied with the operating system carefully. I am having the same problem i hate Marvell Yukon now i ,arvell i had realtek Please let us know if anybody finds any resolution to this problem. In another words, Marvell NIC’s are very cheaply made with zero quality control, and in fact they use refurbished and scrap silicon materials to make their products.

I have another box connected to the router that is absolutely fine, so I know there is nothing wrong with my connectivity.

Marvell Yukon disconnect issues

It has been confirmed to be a hardware error on the Marvell chip. I can browse very slowly for about 10 seconds then it stops.

Any other ideas anyone??? I’ll ping the guy who was on the case and see if they’ve made any progress in 5 months!. Back in July Marvell got interested and asked for information. Some old leadtek i think GT. I tried turning off IP v 6 but no change, I went through the steps in your link, but when I restricted auto tuning it simply refused to ivsta at all. The only solution for me was to buy separate nic cards and no more disconnects.


Has anyone found a solution to this yet? Clicking diagnose and repair doesn’t fix it. Avoid Marvell both comic books and NIC’s at all costs! It yu,on a problem with 4GB or more memory.

Cancel all operating system attempts to install the driver automatically. Moral of the story?

Rashy New Member Jun 19, Driver was just updated but the same thing. Hmmm Let us know. Was going out of my mind visya this. I have managed to use a USB wireless connection from the Vista x64 box with no problems at all.

This is very frustrating as I bought an expensive graphics card to take advantage of DX10 and now I’m going to have to go back to XP: