Declined for Intrepid by Martin Pitt. Martin Pitt pitti on I sent all this info off to: This is still under development, but in principle should resynchronize quietly on reboot, and if not, when the “bluetooth” script is run. Martin Pitt pitti wrote on Finally, since there seems to be nothing that can be done about this problem that recurs with each distribution upgrade, I have composed a little Haiku:.

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If you just try to use the keyboard without running the bluetooth applet, it pops up a dialog asking to grant permission, but checking the box and telling it grant does not work. In some occasions the manufacturer do have documented workarounds and even drivers and I’ve seen this happen in quite a few bug reports where everyone’s time could have been saved by asking the manufacturer initially, if only to rule their collaboration out from the beginning.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Can you elaborate on the differences between OpenSuse and Ubuntu?

My lsusb was normal once I was logged on. Additionally, if you are member of the ubuntu-sponsors please also unsubscribe the team from this bug report.

In any case, I hope this helps a little: The bluetooth pairing apple just goes around in circles, asking to enter a code number that appears on screen, followed by a failed to pair. It worked out of the logitecn in Hardy, did not work at all in Intrepid.


Foffa fredrik-and wrote on Tags for this Thread bluetoothconnection failureconnection problemlogitechwireless keyboard.

HCI dev 0 unregistered Apr 19 The XFCE documentation states logitexh I’m sorry, I retract. There is no change. After gnome starts and everything is loaded the keyboard and mouse do not respond. If anyone is using Lpgitech Hardy beta with current updates, it would be useful to know what is the result of following this documentation which I just reviewed and updated: I will add the directions that I would try When I would reboot, login at gdm with my wired keyboard, and after login would use my dinovo, this does work.

Logitech diNovo Mini

We are automatically migrating this bug to the new “linux” package. Tue, 11 Nov It used to work fine until i upgraded from 8. Comment on this change optional. This is system dependent, but basically whenever mythfrontend is about to start xmodmap should be run.

From there the keyboard and media pad could be added using the “Setup new device” option which can be navigated with just the mouse paired. Here is a fix worked for me for this issue which has at least been around since Feisty. Brian Murray brian-murray wrote on Looking at Christians write up in comment 58, it seems very much that the device is behaving correctly at the kernel level lucid and up at least.


[ubuntu] Bluetooth and the Logitech DiNovo Mini

I was able to get it working so i could login by powering off and back on the keyboard using the switch on the right hand side of the keyboard. I can force it to start in HCI mode by holding the red button on the dongle when its being plugged in.

Here is the attachment of lsusb -v.

Cheers Ryan On Tue, Oct 7, at 5: However, when I pulled the dongle out, and ran lsusb using another keyboard, lsusb would not display anything When I plugged the dongle back in, it was the same problem as original, in that I had to then power off the keyboard and power it back on, and it would dinofo not display lsusb output. Daniel van Vugt vanvugt on