Repair or Replacement Tripp Lite will repair or replace the product at Tripp Lite’s option and ship the repaired or replaced product back to you at no charge. When I run the installer on Fresh Install Network Switches Gigabit Ethernet Switches. Oct 19, The proof of purchase, if required, and your RMA number must be inserted in the shipping carton before the carton is sealed. On the other hand, if I had been able to install smoothly before the system upgrade everything might be OK. You said you replaced yours ” with a new one ” – where did you find one?

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We tailor our advice to your needs, including your level of knowledge and experience. Warranty coverage varies by product line. Mac-only model USAx twin serial adapter: Keyspan makes a number of USB to serial adapters.

Specific warranty duration is outlined in the owner’s manual that accompanies each unit. You must provide proof that the product is covered under warranty. The information below is intended to try and lend some clarity to this often confusing subject, and show some selected testing of the various models of Keyspan adapters with different software products.


KeySpan USB-to-serial adapter (Pete’s notes)

Surge Protectors Surge Protectors. Keyxpan the driver installed but no adapter plugged in I can operate just fine – no kernel panic. Posted on Sep 30, 5: If there are I’ll report back. Oct 16, 1: If you’re already an expert, we won’t waste your time. Help me find it. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I can install the driver alone but it does not work. The computer eventually offers a login screen and after logging into my account the adapter works, and the driver shows as loaded.

We’re always available to help with questions, including product selection, sizing, installation and product customization. This can be adwpter by the product’s serial number or with proof of purchase in the form of an invoice or receipt from a Tripp Lite authorized dealer.

Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. See a list of Tripp Lite’s testing agencies. Small JPEG x pixels. Did you spot an error?

Keyspan USB Twin Serial Adapter for OSX free download for Mac | MacUpdate

We recommend using a reliable parcel or freight carrier who is capable derial providing tracking information and proof of delivery. Oct 2, 8: Warranties on Tripp Lite products begin on the date of your product purchase.


Did you all install from the command line or by double clicking the package? Maintenance without Powering Down. If you’re new to healthcare infrastructure planning, we’ll give you all the help you need.

USB-A to Serial Adapter (DB9) – Keyspan, High-Speed (M/M), Detachable Cable, TAA

Overview V V Show All. The installer says that, like the USA49WG installer, the driver included is compatible with many devices.

The included 3-foot detachable cable supports data transfer speeds up to Kbps—twice as fast as a built-in serial port. Network Switches Gigabit Ethernet Switches. Once eligibility has been determined, the RMA number along with shipping instructions will be emailed to you. These adapters often come in a variety of versions, and with multiple versions of driver software.

The computer recovers after a few moments and presents the login screen again, and all is adappter from that point on. Plugging in the Keyspan’s USB plug produces a crash within a few seconds.