You can use this with a Fender STratocatser now with ease. Log in Become a member. I love the fact that it has its own grain and Phat Mod brings a subtle but vital heat. It carries the name for blues but it is not restricted to only blues tones. This pedal should really be used as a clean style boost, in my opinion. It clears up some of the fizz and adds necessary overdrive to make this pedal more usable.

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Log in Become a member. I hope this will vocations. It has a blues sound, as its name suggests, a grain and different “tubes screamers. A great stock pedal, the BD-2 gives of great drive tones, perfect for rock and roll, blues or pop, and can get your tube amp to that special distorted spot that every player digs.

It doesn’t have a tone that says play me by any means. Sort by most recent most useful.

Issue price, it has cost me almost as much as a original. The stock version is sterile and thin in comparison to this thing. Overall, the pedal sounds richer, fuller and cleaner than the stock version, with quieter amounts of noise as well, making for an excellent first or second drive pedal in your signal chain. bos


Very warm, round, no breath and very balanced in the equalizer. We’re talking about the BD-2 Phat Mod. The BD-2 Phat Mod does not partly because of the style that I b-2 with my band, but honestly, it is the equal of these pedals.

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It can be used with a clean amp to give it some nice grit, and it can also be used a fairly transparent sounding boost to help give you a little more tightness and compression to your overall tone. It comes off sort of bpss sounding and very thin. If you’re good with a soldering iron, however, you can find out how to nd-2 these mods yourself.

Keeley’s mod does that and then some.

You really need to use it with a tube amp and then it sounds! This mod not only gives the pedal a revoicing, but it also adds a special switch so you can select the thickness of the actual pedal. Perfect for single coils and those brighter amps out there.

It clears up some of the fizz and adds necessary overdrive to make this pedal more usable. The pedal only has three knobs, and it’s laid out like a tubescreamer, so anybody can figure out how to use this.

User reviews: Boss BD-2 Blues Driver – Modded by Keeley – Audiofanzine

The settings are in the manual. I suggest you get this mod because it is well worth the price of admission. Our members also liked: The BD-2 is a nice little pedal, the Phat Mod is great That means we’re talking about Boss reliability bluee overall setup. I would suggest checking about getting one modded.


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kefley At best in its stock form it is used as a clean boost into a heavy gain amp. Did you find this review helpful?

It is almost double the price but for a pedal that has this type of circuit is going to cost that much or even more from some other manufacturers. I did not understand how to use it, I also saw a lot of videos on the web where guys did not understand either. I use a lespaul custom shop.

It is a great pedal for modification and Keeley does a great job on this pedal. The mod does exactly what the final intention was, By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.