Again, we were really impressed with the devices’ ability to run for several days on a charge in a 3G area and in mixed areas where the radio has to switch between the two towers. I ordered an on Friday and it should be delivered tomorrow. A new connection will now be in your Network Connections menu. This is a common complaint. That includes surfing the web for 45 minutes per day on 3G or WiFi, having Bluetooth on, talking about 20 minutes per day, using PIM and Office apps, watching a few short videos, playing several rounds of Bejeweled 2 and manually checking email 6 times per day. Additional Product Features Display Resolution.

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Cingular 8525 (HTC Hermes) in the wild

This information is useful if you are unable to connect to the Internet and receiving error messages similar to the following:. As you can see from the benchmarks, the Cingular is very competitive. Though these cards are annoyingly small, but HTC feels that they will be the new standard for phones, and thus mdem them in their most recent PDA phones and smartphones. Configure the Cingular Modem Now that your Windows PC recognizes the as a dial-up modem, you must create a new dial-up connection to use it.

While the Wizard models had only 2. Of course, the TyTN lacks any carrier customizations and is unlocked. The battery lives under a large plastic door on the back and that door releases with the slide of a latch on the bottom of the device.


Now you can scroll through contacts, programs and anything else without using the stylus.

All Windows Mobile 5. Not just a business device, the Cingular and TyTN are great multimedia playmates with good support for music and video playback. Jtc the Cingular Modem.

The Cingular which we praised highly in our February review, was loved not just by us but by our readers. Fairly easy to use. It’s still not easy to find support for the A2DP high 8552 stereo audio profile among PDA and smartphones and we were glad to find it on the Hermes family.

So what’s new on the and TyTN?

Wireless Modem – Microsoft Community

Moreover their reviews were all over the map and they were loaded with features like tv that I didn’t want. I bought this y. Call volume through the earpiece is loud by GSM standards and the speaker phone is one of the few that can compete with a NYC subway or World Series game.

This is the closest I’ve had to anything working on Vista x64 – at first it gave the same “file not found” error as in the 32 bit version, so I tried the Vista hack that works for 32 bit and a few variations thereofbut the best I can get it installs 8552 says “This driver is not intended for this platform”, and obviously does not work: With a little practice you get used to it.

Select MEdia Net, then tap Edit. Show More Show Less.

x64 Drivers (USB Modem) – Download Here

Thanks for the great review! As with all Pocket PCs, you can morem the display backlight timeout, but the Hermes lacks separate settings for keyboard backlight timeout. Congrats on your purchase, Darrel!


That review has been one of our most popular in and the hhc sold incredibly well. However, if you don’t live in or near a metro area, or are in an area where Hgc 3G coverage will be a long time coming, the ‘s faster CPU and better camera might lean you toward it rather than the Mobile phones introduced in Digital audio players HTC mobile phones Windows Mobile Professional devices Mobile phones with an integrated hardware keyboard.

In fact that’s 2 to 3 times faster than the Wizard family of devices.

HTC TyTN – Wikipedia

Those of you who own an Cingular or i-mate K-JAM and were less than thrilled with video playback performance should be pleased with the Hermes. I love the WIFI feature. We left it in auto mode and it did a good job of preferring 3G when available and falling back to GSM when out of 3G coverage, then returning to 3G when back in coverage.

I liked the BB, but it utterly fails in comparison to the along virtually every dimension. Attempt a connection to MEdia Net. Latest Tweets Book update! If you own the Cingular Pocket PC Phoneyou mldem access to a new and increasingly popular way of connecting to the Internet.