All other trademarks are. Controlling horizontal, vertical, and roll axis rotational camera shake ensures smooth, distortion-free video—even when you’re walking while shooting. With live streaming support, you can also record and view live video on your compatible Android or iOS device, and even control your camcorder from a remote location. If you transfer More information. Check that the player is properly connected to the PC. The recorded file will be saved at the directory you choose.

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Press and hold MODE to exit. Key Function User Guide 1.

Video Snapshot allows selectable recording times of two, four, or eight seconds. Press and hold MODE button to save and exit. Use to navigate the menu screen.

Audio Scene Select offers five modes that automatically optimize settings based on the recording situation, making it easy to record realistic, immersive audio in a range of situations. How to Transmit Data 7 6.

Supports multiple music formats such as: This model is equipped with a 3. Made for ipod means that an electrical accessory has been designed to connect specifically to ipod and. Press MODE button to exit volume control interface after finishing. Perform the following operations to update. When the player is on, press and hold the PLAY key seconds can turn off the player. Your selected face envlvo also be linked as a timeline to further identify footage containing your subject.


You can view the Baby Album chronologically as well.

This manual contains important safety information and operation instructions, so please read all. Operation is subject to the following.


Please save this manual. Prevent friction with hard objects, or it may lead to surface abrasion, battery fall-off or hardware damage. The Advanced Zoom is available in manual mode and has been achieved with more efficient use of the effective imaging area. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of all our electronic products. In search and playback, use of the Face Index will display those frames with the chosen face as a thumbnail in each shot in which it appears.

During song or video play, this button. Video Snapshot playrr you to capture the highlights of a once-in-a-lifetime m;4 or a family milestone with the same ease as taking photos.

User Guide for Medion mp3 mp4 Player, Free Instruction Manual

This feature offers a choice of seven varied built-in adjustable filters which give the look of a variety of cinematic styles by compensating for the color, gamma, and other aspects of the image quality. Check if there are more than 99 recorded files within one folder. EN User manual Register your product and get support at www. The light will turn to green when finishing charging. Agregar a Lista de favoritos.


Check the removable drive for viruses. Double click on Removable Disk then you can open it. Drag and drop files into the Removable Disk. Playing Music 9 Connecting. Open the panel and the power comes on.

For correct usage, please read these instructions carefully and keep in a safe place for future reference. The following apply only to users in European countries: