Open up the RollerMouse unit After all the obvious screws are out, there are these 2 hidden ones to remove. I hope you too weave in a bit of ergo into your lives. A blog commenter recently asked how to clean a RollerMouse Free , so I reached out to Contour Design for some guidance. Everything about the RollerMouse invites your hands to open up, relax, and enjoy life — while still accomplishing the necessary chore of putting your mouse pointer where it needs to be. RollerMouse Free2 is based on our ergonomic expertise and inspired by users creating a modern ergonomic design with ultra high precision and quality.

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The ribbon rolelrmouse to the left of the scroll wheel is where the sensor is. You may see the dowel on the left side has a ground ocntour soldered to it, depending on what version you have. They can fall out easily as they are not held in by anything.

Description Additional information Description Low profile. Watch out for wrist back-bending Ergonomists generally recommend that your keyboard surface be positioned at or below elbow height. Its low height and slim design fits most keyboards, including our own Balance Keyboard. More heavy-handed users might want to make the action harder in order to minimize accidental clicks.

There is no gripping necessary, thus avoiding the threat of repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. Users with multiple monitors will probably need to turn this setting all the way up. Open up the RollerMouse unit After all the obvious screws are out, there are these 2 hidden ones to remove.


You might strip or break a screw. RollerMouse Free2 introduces the cursor speed selection to the RollerMouse family.

If you do have this type of sensor, the little plastic piece over the sensor comes off. This sliding motion defines left and right mouse movement on the screen.

Remove the RollerBar The open and exposed unit. To move up and down, the tube is rolled in either direction.

Contour RollerMouse Free Review – All Things Ergonomic

conyour In addition to the RollerMouse, the box contains an array of accessory feet for elevating thinner keyboards to match. The principal differences between the two models are as follows: The problem is that most such boards — notably the ubiquitous Microsoft Natural — feature an integrated palm rolllermouse along their front edge. The long-tailed critter next to your computer is not the end-all of pointing device technology.

But will still be held together by some clips on the back.

For the most part the left hand sits on the desk or chair arm, doing nothing more useful than holding a coffee cup and waiting for something to type.

You may see this ribbon cable, or it may be a little thinner.

But I would only try that after testing it out again after the plastic cap has been cleaned. I started to get carpal tunnel syndrome early in my career and a total switch to ergo products has completely eliminated any pain or discomfort despite decades of crazy hours behind screens. rolllermouse


Personally, I found the minimum tension setting just right. If you must, you can use a fref of rubbing alcohol and the q-tip on the sensor.

After all the obvious screws are out, there are these 2 hidden ones to remove. The Best Value Ergonomic Mouse for A push button on top of the unit cycles through five levels of precision.

As a person with serious thumb troubles myself, I might well end up using my left hand to finger the wheel in the long term.

How to Clean a Contour RollerMouse Free

Your sensor will either look like this, or look like a plain round lens. Rollermkuse we type, our right and left hands tend to share the work load more or less evenly.

My personal experience with the RollerMouse I have been intrigued by the RollerMouse for some time, but only recently contacted Contour Design for a review sample.

Activities involving mouse use, however, are a different story.