Some of the connection properties are for use with Oracle performance extensions. The user and password settings in a getConnection call take precedence over any property settings. This would take priority over the property settings. Provided as a convenience, it can help you migrate from an older Oracle Database. Figure 4 – New Data Source dialog.

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Drag the fields from the Data Set to the details row. The following installations are required before installing BIRT: Select Yes to continue.

– How to configure Actuate Oracle JDBC Driver with BIRT Viewer

This property is only for OracleXADatasource. This automatically inserts the parameter expression. To begin, create a new report design. You can add a password file for user sys as follows:.

If this is the first time e-Spreadsheet is run, this will be jfbc. Register the JDBC drivers To access a database from a Java application, you must first provide the code to register your installed driver with your program.

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The properties in Table are Oracle extensions. It is not valid for Microsoft Java virtual machines. For distributed transactions, this is iracle underlying XA data source class. Figure 6 – The completed Data Set display Design parameters and Data Set parameters are separate entities, and need to be created apart from each other.


The Property Editor changes at this point, adding multiple tabs along the bottom. Once the value is entered, the report result is received.

The following example shows a simple clear-text password authentication:. Click Test Jdnc to test whether the drivers are working correctly, and then click Finish to complete the Data Source setup. Name of the underlying data source class. That is, nothing after “jdbc: The Context interface and InitialContext class are in the standard javax. Create an OracleDataSource instance, initialize its connection properties as appropriate, and get a connection instance, as in the following example:.

The completed report is shown in Figure 8. You will be given a dialog box with a large aftuate field to type in the djbc. From such great software packages as Apache, Eclipse, and OpenOffice. Oracle implements this interface with the OracleDataSource class in the oracle. The OracleDataSource class and all subclasses implement the java.

Using JNDI functionality requires the jndi. This can also be set as a java property: The detail will be based on the individual employees, so I drag the ID number field to the main data field. The ability to specify a role is supported only for the sys user name. The following example shows how to use the put method of the java.


The JNDI namespace has a hierarchy similar to that of a file system. Oracle Database Administrator’s Guide.

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Code allows custom scripting for report events, and Preview presents real-time representation of the current report. They can also drag grouping categories around and actuwte the numbers update as well. We use the Actuate suite religiously because they are, in my opinion, the best of breed Business Intelligence tools out there.