Sensitivity dB, 2. JBL Professional – C. Spectrum Industries Symetrix Inc. But I feel this is pretty good for my use. Scott Simonian , LTD02 , kingpin and 2 others like this.

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Hard to capture scale in the pic, but it is the size of my fridge minis a few feet in height. I do actually like the almost deconstructed look of your surrounds.

With that kind of global perspective, JBL has come 242h respect the indisputable truth of business: At 1, Watts program thing rocks the house! I actually swapped the oe ‘s out of the for a set of ‘s.

I would like to make a great clone of the real thing for a bit less as in Europe they charge around euro. I run my hpf at about 18hz and they sound great. Utilizing over 65 years.

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Cameras – Studio Video. The sub looks like exact clone of the jbl pro sub. And no need for fake feeling bass shakers been there. I bet that would be a really nice step up in the sound quality department!


Wilson Company Hall Research Inc.

Some may not like the flat paint and exposed drivers but I actually like and embrace the stripped down industrial look of the JBL’s. The C is ideal for low-frequency augmentation of either analog or digital soundtracks in motion picture theaters and for general sound reinforcement applications.

I run JBL Cinema speakers at all 7. I understand the dimensions can be obtained on jbl website but I want to know what is inside the box etc.

Those horns look massive! A lot of people really like those jbl setups, the sgvtm time tested and proven performers. Any new things to report? The JBL Model C is a high quality subwoofer system, featuring an advanced technology mm 18 inlow frequency transducer mounted in a direct radiator, bass-reflex enclosure for smooth response to the lowest audible frequencies.

New JBL | AE Series, Maximum Impact Horn-Loaded

Incredible bass is what really makes the experience! Can anyone give me drawings of this subwoofer please. I will get the spectrum analyzer on the room soon to see. Contact Master Audio Visuals, Inc.


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AVS Forum articles Contests. So my next goal is the ’tilt’ the response like below, To give it a more ‘warm’ sound with a slight bass ‘bump’ But I needed a flat clean slate to build from first. I do admire your built. Enter the code in the box below: Contact in regards to this product:.

Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered upgrading the diaphragms in your ‘s svgtmm Be diaphragms? Front Stage consisting of JBL mains and a semi custom center: Also the drivers can be bought on ebay preowned at decent prices.

Selling design Commercial efficiency Responsive themes Interactivity Customer friendliness. Thanks for help and good luck.

Nothing magical about 1x 8″ or 3x 4″ or whatever.